Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lets talk about the weather

IT'S EFFING HOT. I know I'm stating the over stated obvious but damn. I just got back from running an errand and the back of my shirt is wet with sweat. So sexy. I think we've broken some record of the most days over 100 degrees in a row, plus zero rain. It's ridiculous. I never remember summer being so terribly hot. Cooler weather, I need you. Supposedly it's supposed to rain on Wednesday, the first day of school, but I wont believe it until I see it.

Anywho, when I was on previously mentioned errand, I was going to Hobby Lobby and HEB to get supplies to make candles. This was actually Brendon's idea. For a while now I've collected glass jars, bottles, anything glass really until I started running out of things to do with/places to put them. Brendon had the genius idea to make candles in them! I love candles, I love glass jars, and I love making things. Perfect combo! So I went to HEB to get a tin of coffee, I really just needed the metal coffee tin to melt the wax in, double boiler style without ruining a pot. So I find one and head home. I open it up, pour the coffee into a baggie for later, rip of the label and lo and behold, it's cardboard painted silver! The bottom of the tin was metal but the sides were cardboard. I was so pissed I actually screamed. It's my fault for not being more thorough in my coffee tin selection, but still. JEEZE. I know this is extremely uninteresting but I am uber-frustrated and really want to get my candle making on, so I had to vent. I think I'll just use a pot and hope I can clean it out.

On another note, while at Hobby Lobby, somehow I ended up in (actually I think I just gravitated towards it) the holiday section. Dangerous games people. I am a holiday freak, especially when it comes to Christmas. My favorite time of the year is just around the corner! The holiday season basically begins for me in October, because it's time for Halloween, which leads to Thanksgiving, which leads to Christmas. I cannot state enough how much I love the holidays. I love the music, the decorations (!!!), the sounds, the food, the spirit, I love it all. Just a couple months and it's on like donkey kong. Bring it on.

So since I am in the holiday spirit, I'll leave you with this:


Our sweet Christmas tree from last year. It's a fake, and only decorated from the middle up due to a certain couple of cats who think ornaments are toys. This was our poor tree's last year, Sophie had completely ruined the bottom branches by being fat and trying to sit on them so we decided to trash it as it was looking a little like Charlie Brown's tree. So this year we are getting a real tree! I'm so excited!

Okay okay, I'll stop with the holiday stuff. Just preparing you for whats to come. Think of all the crafting opportunities! This blogs gonna get festive.

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