Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend update

PHEW, this past week was a long one. February decided that it was going to go out with style and keep us busy busy busy! Hello March, please be a little calmer! Brendon had a wicked test plus a gazillion other things to do with school this week and I worked waaaay too much. I didn't see Brendon for two days straight aside from a smooch goodbye in the mornings. It was the week that wouldn't end, and unfortunately, it was also Brendon's birthday week. Sorry your birthday week was a hot mess Mr. H, but we made it!

Even though it was a crazy week, we did get to celebrate my favorite husband's day of birth. And the birthday crown made an appearance again! With slightly more character from being stuck in the closet all year. Woo! That night we went out with a bunch of his friends to Trudy's for a few drinks and good Mexican food. It was fun! Pharmacy school kids are alright in my book even if they're too smart for their own good.

I'm a terrible wife/baker and didn't make a cake so he had to make do with blowing his birthday candle out on a strawberry. Lame, but then again, last year I blew my candle out on a slice of bread. But I'm the baker! I had grand plans of making something awesome, but I literally did not have time. Shoot, I barely had time to sleep. But I'll make it up to him soon! Promise!

Friday we had another evening of celebration, because this crazy guy retired!

Cute pic, huh? I especially love his fish belt. After working his butt off for a gazillion years, my daddio has retired! We celebrated with him and some folks from his company at the Vineyards, which happens to be the restaurant/vineyard where we were married! My dad didn't know my siblings, Brendon, and I were coming, so it was fun to surprise him!

It was a fun night full of funny stories (and one very hilarious video) about my dad. Plus we got to hang out with a whole bunch of people a few decades older than us which is always amusing, especially when alcohol is involved. My dad has worked for the same company since I can remember (basically, my whole life), it's so surreal that he wont be any more! But now he'll have lots of time for his projects! He's already started building a barn. Like father like daughter. Except my projects are slightly smaller.

I'm glad we had a couple of fun nights this week, but man I am exhausted. We have been going nonstop! Embarrassing evidence:

This is what your sink looks like when you're ghosts in your own house, eating leftovers, packets of tuna, and sandwiches whenever you happen to have time. Like a couple college kids, no real food for days. I'm ready for us to be back in our usual routine. Whatever that is.

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