Friday, March 15, 2013

Zilker Park

Texans, are you not in love with this weather? Can it pleeeease stay like this forever? Every year I forget how wonderful our few weeks of spring are. March, you are my favorite (October, I still love you too). We have been taking advantage of this awesome weather and trying to get outside as much as possible. Before it's 105 degrees again.

Thursday morning we hit up Zilker Park. This was the first time that we just visited the park, usually there's some sort of event that brings us there. Turns out it's a really great park! SO big. And so many puppies (and children) running around everywhere! Brendon suggested bringing our gloves and playing catch soon. I am going to have to take him up on that offer. Our softball spring season just started and I've been conned into playing catcher. Just wait for the bruises y'all, I can't catch anything.

Cardigan on cardigan, y'all. There are never too many cardigans.

Also, I think I have previously discussed how people just seem to love offering to take our picture. I am impressed with the kindness, and I will never turn them down, but the photos always come out terrible. And people get so serious, getting down on their knees for a "good angle", ridiculous. Sweet, but ridic. Here is one of the most recent offerings:

The flash was definitely on. Thanks kind strangers who think they are professional photographers. We've got quite a growing collection of random snapshots.

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