Thursday, March 14, 2013

My momma's birthday

Yesterday we shimmied on down to New Braunfels after work to celebrate my mom's birthday! Although I was completely exhausted (somehow I am sick, AGAIN, that's like the 3rd time this year? Not fair, life), we had a great time with good food and good people. I love my momma and I am so glad she was born! She's the sweetest woman in the world and seriously, the best mom ever. EVER.

We ate at Huisache Grill, which has been one of our go-to spots for celebrations since my teen years. It's super cute and the food never disappoints. Afterwards we had some dessert at 2tarts, which is an incredibly cute (like so cute there was a group of old ladies knitting, even the guests were cute!) little bakery and coffee shop. I wish I had been a little more awake to appreciate it. At that point I was doing good just sitting up. The place was adorable and I wish it had existed in my high school years. I would have totally chilled there.

Excuse the not so great quality of photos. Like I said, I was a zombie. Also, although I am not pictured I swear I was there. And my outfit was really cute I promise! My face, not so much.

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