Monday, March 4, 2013


One of the best parts about living in Austin is all the dang good food we're surrounded by. My friend Tyler and I hit up Bacon this weekend to try it out. Bacon, the meat not the restaurant, is a thing this days. It's like... skinny jeans, but food. I'm not complaining, bacon is good.

The restaurant is in this cute little house just northwest of downtown. I took zero photos of the actual food because, well, I ate it too fast. I think there's a shot of my broken egg BLT on instagram (now conveniently linked right here on the side bar!). Tyler got the bacon waffles. Sounds odd, I know, but they were GOOD. My egg topped BLT was delicious but his waffles won. They were awesome, definitely what I'm getting next time! Also, they have ridiculous mimosas. They're $6, but it is seriously a big ol' glass of champagne with a splash of OJ. On point.

In the mood for fried pig? Go try bacon! We only did breakfast (which they serve all day) but their lunch looked legit too. I will be returning for sure!

And just because it was a beautiful day outside, here's our pretty city:

I can't wait until there are leaves on all the trees again. Spring in Austin last year made me fall in love with this city, it is just so green and vibrant! Where my wildflowers at?

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