Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Harlem Shakin'

These Harlem Shake videos are everywhere on the internet. Everywhere. And I usually try to avoid posting work related things, but this is my company's version:

I didn't even know what the Harlem Shake was until someone suggested doing this. If you don't know, watch a few videos on YouTube (this is my favorite) and you'll understand. It's basically oddly dressed people dancing around like maniacs. So of course I was in! And yes, I am the weirdo on the table with a wand. I'm Harry Potter obviously.

We had a whole lot of fun making this video and I'm glad that I work for a company that gets down like this. Every time I watch this I laugh my butt off. Mostly because I know everyone and it's hilarious watching them bust a move, to me anyway. Hurray for having fun!

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