Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Whoohoo Sunday was muh burfday! Twenty-five you guys. Surprise, it feels just like twenty-four. Birthdays are bueno and this one was no exception. My momma and sister came up for brunch, I got to watch a ton of Glee while melting into the couch with Brendon, and then we went to one of my favorite restaurants downtown for dinner! Perfect day.

HA. Sorry Jules, I had to.

Extra super fancy bonus blu-ray edition of the Sound of Music! Came with all kinds of goodies.

My mom is the queen of wrapping. Not only did this bigger-than-me-box have an obscene amount of wrapping paper around it, it contained just this:

Hell yeah, cast iron skillet. This sucker is serious and I could probably end lives with it. Tangled style. It is heavy! Can't wait to use it! Mom, you know me so well.  Also, I am wearing a cat print shirt. Just saying. Preeeetty badass birthday shirt if you ask me.

We had brunch at Red's Porch. I had never been before but it was great! The view was awesome, the food was good, and it was totally affordable. However, the lighting was rough. Mom, you're the only one I got a good shot of.

Chicken and waffles! It's a thing!

That night we went to Eddie V's downtown and grubbed on fantastic seafood. I love that place. And booya, free fancy dessert!

I am a fool and because my glasses didn't match my outfit, I went without for the evening. Seeing clearly is overrated, right? Insta-headache as soon as we left the house. I need contacts, stat. Glasses are annoying and not everything goes with black.

It was a perfect birthday and I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life that spoil me rotten. Love y'all to the moon and back.

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