Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Half a decade of birthdays

Because it's the birthday week, I decided to roll on back through my photos and check out my last 5 birthdays. Feeling a bit nostalgic since I'm turning 25. Quarter of a century, y'all!

20th birthday, celebrated at Brendon's desk in his crazy little apartment in Denton. I'm definitely wearing Abercrombie, Hollister, and plastic earrings possibly from Claire's. I was in college, okay? Also, t-shirt-vest-hoodie-combo? SHEESH.

21st birthday, celebrated at a bar I can't remember the name of on the square in Denton with my girl Kristy (AHH KRISTY LOOK AT US!). Celebrating being able to drink legally! Woooo, and what's up with those bangs?

22nd birthday, celebrated mostly in our sweet little apartment on Teasley Lane in Denton. Oh and Brendon proposed, setting me up for a life time of birthdays that will never top that one (kidding, although it was fantastic and one of the best days of my little life). Plastic earrings, again. And no mas hair!

23rd birthday, celebrated at home at my momma's in New Braunfels, lookin' like a hot mess. Testing out my rehearsal dinner/fiesta outfit in preparation for the wedding weekend. It was full blown wedding planning madness at that point. Damn that was fun. Someone let me plan your wedding!

24th birthday, celebrated right here at our little home in Austin. Definitely blew my mix-matched candles out on a piece of bread. And I'm wearing the only decent outfit in this post, my absolute favorite dress in the world. Can you wear a birthday dress on more than one birthday? I feel like there's some kind of rule.

How I've grown, eh? Someone needed to step away from the tanning booth. I think I currently look nothing like any of these younger versions of me, but I remember all those days and they were all good days. I've generally kept the stance that I dislike my birthday because it always seemed like a let down, but looking back, I've had some really great birthdays. And they were usually filled with celebrations with really great people. Except that first one, my twentieth. I think Brendon took me to Black Eyed Pea (yes that happened, and  yes, at least one still exists, in Denton, TX of course). I will never let Brendon forget that one, mostly because it is hilarious.

But really, birthdays are good and I think I will like them. 25, be a good one okay?

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