Monday, March 25, 2013

Mr. PharmD

Saturday night Brendon was a contestant in a beauty pageant. Kinda.

Every year the University of Texas College of Pharmacy holds a Mr. PharmD contest for the future men in pharmacy to strut their stuff on stage and battle it out for a crown. Of course, Brendon wanted in on that action. So boom, we had us a pageant to prepare for. There were four parts to the thing, an introduction with an escort (yours truly, I walked on a stage and didn't fall), "cultural wear", talent, and a health platform speech. It was actually a lot of fun and really entertaining. There were only four contestants so it wasn't super long, and they were all great!

Ahem, look familiar? He definitely was grooving to the chicken dance.

The talent portion. OH IT WAS THE BEST. Everyone's was so good. Brendon did the Napoleon Dynamite dance, and he did it perfectly. I was so proud. We practiced a bunch and he knocked it out of the park. I was laughing so hard I cried. There is video and as soon as I figure out how to put it on youtube, I will share. It was brilliant and hilarious.

Brendon's health platform was obesity. Did you know that hunk up there has lost 60 pounds since high school? And still counting! He has worked so hard and it has seriously paid off. He's the healthiest dude I know!

Although Brendon was a rockstar, he didn't get that crown. The guy who did was awesome, so it's okay. Brendon will always be my Mr. PharmD. 

And here I am! Proof that I was there! Too bad we don't have documentation of my brief stint on stage, showing Brendon off. That will  probably never happen again! As much as I envy and aspire to be one of those Glee kids, stages aren't in my future. Brendon on the other hand, apparently that's another story.

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