Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mr. Hogan is twenty-five!

DANG, guess who's a quarter of a century old??? My main squeeze is an old man! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDON! I am so glad you were born. Today truly is a day to celebrate! The world would be so lame without you.

I love you to the moon and back and you blow me away with your general awesomeness everyday. I can't believe you're 25. Sometimes you seem so much younger (fart jokes?) and sometimes you are wise beyond your years. This is the eighth birthday of yours to celebrate together. Can you believe it? How you've changed since your wee teen years. Every year you grow and evolve and even though I think I could never love you more, I do. I've fallen harder for you every year. So bring it on. 25 year old Brendon sounds sexy.

You're the best, and you deserve a crown (bitch). Happy birthday Mr. Hogan.

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