Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fredericksburg: the town

This weekend Brendon and I escaped for a few days to Fredericksburg, Texas. We have been planning this trip since we moved to Austin. Originally we meant to go during our first Christmas here, but we were broke broke broke so that didn't happen. Fast forward a year or so and we finally made it!

This mini-vacay couldn't have happened at a better time. We both needed an escape and a chance to just be together for a few days. Life here is good, but it is not without stress and it is busy busy busy. It was so nice to just get away and do whatever we wanted for a few days. So nice.

Fredericksburg is a bed-and-breakfast-visit-for-the-weekend kind of town. There are hundreds of B&B's, we found ours through a site a local blogger recommended, Absolute Charm. We highly recommend it! Our cabin was perfect, but more on that later. For now, talk about Fredericksburg!

The drive there from Austin is beautiful. I love the hill country, it reminds me so much of home. Fredericksburg is very similar to Gruene, TX or as we recently experienced, Hot Springs, AR; any sort of weekend-escape town. Lots of shops and eateries. Although their "Main Street" area is huge! And there are a gazillion wineries to visit (we didn't see any, although next time I think we should). We really loved the German feel, mostly because we're from a German town, and we loved the German food!

As it always seems to be our luck on vacations, it was cloudy and grey and drizzly. But we didn't mind. We spent our Saturday exploring downtown and although my hair was a hot mess, the rain didn't stop us from having fun!

Hot sauce anyone?

This giant thing was COMPLETELY embroidered. I was in awe. I could have probably looked at that thing all day.

We ate a lot. We had some good German food and some really good beer. And some delicious peach wine (should have bought a few bottles). Also chocolate, ice cream, and coffee. It was a seriously relaxing and seriously wonderful day. After we had hit up all the shops and called the town explored, we just hung out in our badass cabin. Which also came with this:

Fluffy, the coolest cat in Fredericksburg. Yes, we are crazy cat people. Even in other cities cats find us.

Next up, a tour of our sweet little cabin! And then an adventure to Enchanted Rock! Get excited.

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