Friday, February 1, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 5 - Lime and blackberry cake

This week I made a little cake much more suited for summer than winter. Lime and blackberries are such summery fruits. But as our "winter" has been so mild (I was sporting shorts the other day), I said what the heck and made it anyway. Because I do what I want!

I used this recipe from, surprise, Smitten Kitchen. I swear you could make one of her recipes everyday and never repeat them and never be without delicious food for a year. Next years challenge? HA, if only I had the energy.

It kind of looked like I was making some sort of savory dipping sauce. Which got me thinking, I've got a whole bunch of yogurt left...

One day I will be a grown up and own a large food processor. At the moment I only have a small (although awesome) one and this terrible blender. It gets the job done sometimes (in this case it worked beautifully), but there are a lot of recipes I pass up because of lack of large food processor.

The cake came out pretty good! Very summery. Nice and tart. I don't think I've made a cake with yogurt before, and it's different. Very creamy, a little on the heavy side but not in a bad way. The only thing I would alter would be to add whipped cream. Because everything needs whipped cream, especially when fruit is involved. I also think this cake would be good with a whipped blackberry icing instead of the sauce. Maybe blackberry whipped cream? Someone needs to take the heavy whipping cream away from me.

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