Friday, January 25, 2013

Town Lake East

Town Lake, or I guess it's Lady Bird Lake these days, is an iconic "Austiny" thing. It runs right next to downtown and is fairly scenic. Plus of course there's the trail. We live near Town Lake and visit frequently. But we'd never been to the eastern end (the butt if you will). It's definitely not the glamorous side that you see in Austin postcards, it's the end of the lake before it goes through the dam and becomes the Colorado river again.

The weather was great Wednesday so Brendon and I decided to explore this uncharted (for us) Town Lake territory a bit.

Pardon the black and white, someone was disregarding her white balance.

Yummy trash. While standing on the dam and leaning over to take this shot, Brendon was losing his cool. He was worried about me falling off. Not an outlandish worry, given my unstable qualities, but a little overkill. He's sweet sometimes.

I'm a little attached to the Colorado river and it's many forms, since I see it everyday. I work next to Lake Travis, drive over Lake Austin everyday, and live near Town Lake. I like living near water. Growing up in New Braunfels there was always a river nearby and here we are surrounded by lakes!

Although this east end of the lake isn't as classically "pretty" as the rest, I enjoyed it. It's still beautiful, in it's own quirky way. I mean, that's what Austin's about, right?

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