Wednesday, January 23, 2013

52 weeks of baking: 4 - Everyday Chocolate Cake

First of all, lets welcome my dear camera back into our lives. My sweet momma shipped me my battery charger this week! Thank you mom!! It feels so great to have it back.

This week's baked goodie was a simple, but delicious, chocolate cake. It is Deb's Smitten Kitchen Everyday Chocolate Cake, a recipe I've had my eye on for a while. If it has chocolate in it I'm usually interested. And it's described as an easy one bowl wonder and I'm all about that. The less dishes the better!

It turned out great! And it really was super easy. I threw it together while cooking dinner, and just popped it in the oven after our meat and veggies were done roasting. Pretty excellent timing. And it was yummy. It's rich and fluffy and has a kind of chewy brownie outside. We enjoyed it with whipped cream and berries as suggested and it was awesome. Also, do you see how DARK that cake is?? While making this recipe I learned that there is a difference between regular cocoa powder and dutch chocolate powder. This is the first time I've used the latter, and it's quite different in taste and, obviously, color. Who knew?

Once again, our tummies thank you, Deb. This bad boy is going into my repertoire of quick, easy, and delicious desserts for sure.

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