Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lost without:

I have been without my sweet big camera since the Saturday after Christmas. I left my battery charger at my mom's house in New Braunfels and so, my baby has no life force. I've been a little lost without my camera to document my wild and crazy life. Joking, obviously. I just really wanted to take some pictures of my new Pyrex. Wild and crazy.

So to fill my photography void, today I busted out my little Canon PowerShot (the little guy who took all the pictures in the last post) to play around and was pretty amazed at how different it was from my rebel. Not that my rebel is the fanciest of cameras, but still, it's what I'm used to. I mean first off, that PowerShot is super small and so light. And I kept trying to look through the viewfinder and it just doesn't work that way. I'm pretty sure that viewfinder is on there for looks. It's too small to see out of. Although seeing and using the image on the screen is nice (apparently you can do that on my big camera too, you just have to change some setting and I don't know how/don't care). Also, going from shooting in manual all the time to whatever kind of auto setting that PowerShot has was extra weird. And it does not like taking pictures without a flash, and I avoid the flash like the plague when I can.

But I see the benefits. It's tiny and light and would be great to use for little snapshots on the go. I definitely see the upside of a little camera. I mean, it fits in your purse, y'all! But I guess I just use my phone for "snapshots" these days, the quality actually is pretty similar. However, the quality is world apart from my big camera. I just really don't like that you can't change the settings like you can with a DSLR, especially when you are shooting without a flash in artificial light (aka my terribly lit apartment).

BUT, it is extra easy to take these kind of pictures with a camera that weighs a few ounces:

There is chocolate milk in that tea cup.

I'm still a hella newbie when it comes to photography but I've gotten accustomed to my little big camera and I'm ready to have it back in action! I need to just buy a spare charger (and maybe a spare battery pack) because I lose everything. Always.

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