Sunday, January 6, 2013

That one time I went to New York, NY

Way back in March of 2009, my soon to be best friend Kristy and I went on a rather spontaneous trip to New York City. We worked together and I remember just hanging out one day when it was slow and she just kinda pitched the idea of going to New York for a weekend, probably half joking, and I said, sure! I had a little extra cash (oh the simple days of college!) and we had an excellent hook up on a free place to stay. So boom, Kristy, her friend Stacy, and I were off to New York.

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria which was really swanky. I wish I had taken more pictures, it was so big and old and fabulous. I had never been to New York so I was basically in a constant state of "OMG LOOK AT ALL THIS" and it was awesome. Stacy and Kristy had been before and were excellent tour guides. Kristy was there for a while for school so she knew her way around the city. I can't imagine going without someone who knows their way around, it's so BIG!

I was a little obsessed with all the fantastic churches. They were everywhere, hiding in between modern skyscrapers, like a time warp on every block. I was also obsessed with all the art. We went to the MoMA, the Met, and the Guggenheim, I was in heaven. At the time I was in the midst of a slew of art history courses so it was kind of surreal to see the works of art we had been studying and writing papers on, in person. It was like seeing a movie star. I was ALSO obsessed with the Subway. And how everyone really did wear black. And the taxi cabs. Basically I was obsessed with New York.

Let's recap via a lot of photos. Excuse the quality, I was rolling with a little canon point-and-shoot back in '09.



Why yes, that IS me. Somehow. A much tanner, black haired version of me. It was a different time you guys. But my thing for firetrucks (firemen) hasn't changed:

On our way back we had a little layover and we took that tiny little plane up there from Houston to Dallas. I felt like the President, walking outside to my plane. But once we got inside, I did not feel like the President. That thing was tiny! 

Best trip to New York ever. One of my favorite trips of all time. It needs to happen again. Sooner rather than later! And because Kristy is so awesome, I leave you with this:

Let's go to New York again ASAP, Kristy!

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