Friday, January 11, 2013

Cutting of the hair

I am rather attached to my hair. I have a lot of it and I like it for the most part. After chopping (almost) all my hair off a few years ago I mourned the loss of my long locks (although they were seriously fried and needed to go badly) and now that I have them back, I want to keep them.

However much I may not want to, I still need a hair cut now and then. It's been about a hair cut every 8 months since we moved to Austin (cut 1 and cut 2, I have a thing for blue shirts). Any longer and my hair starts to look seriously ragged and dragging a brush through it starts to hurt. So today I mosied on down to Birds Barbershop and chopped off some dead weight to avoid looking like a dirty hippie.

Hey look, it's that tiny camera!

Before and after. My stylist said she took off an inch and a half but looking at this picture, length-wise, you can't really tell. She did put in hella layers, I feel like my head weighs at least 3 pounds lighter. It was basically almost all one length before, aside from my grown out bangs. It was kind of nice because when I braided it a million pieces didn't stick out everywhere, but it also was very very heavy. And the ends were horrendous and would create this giant frizzy tangled mess since all the ends were chillin' together. Now I've got all kinds of layers and it feels super short to me. I know it doesn't look much shorter but it feels way shorter. And so instantly I never want to cut my hair again, as I always feel after a hair cut. Obviously that won't happen. I'll cut it again in 8 months or so.

My hair looks, feels, and is so much healthier and homegirl did an excellent job. If you need a haircut and are in Austin, I recommend Birds. It's super laid back and you get a complimentary Shiner! I went in the morning so I didn't have a beer, but I imagine it's nice. Beer usually is.

And for laughs on this lovely Friday (seriously, the weather is great, go outside Texans), here's this:

Boom, new facebook profile picture. Someone take that tiny camera away from me.

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