Sunday, May 27, 2012

Trimmin' my ends

After about putting it off for about 9 months, I finally bit the bullet and got my hair cut. A little.

My mom and I got our hair did together yesterday, we both got a trim (and a head massage, it was HEAVENLY). I was super nervous that I'd get too much cut off, but it turned out just fine and my hair looks and feels loads healthier. And I got some fancy Aveda stuff for my ends so hopefully that will help with future damage control. They were looking pretty dang bushy before.

So here we go, my monster hair before:

Excuse my "I just woke up 10 minutes ago" puffy face.

And tamed monster hair after:

I freaked out a little when my stylist told me she wanted to cut off two inches. I seriously gasped. But it needed to happen, my ends were lookin' rough. And when it's straightened you can't really tell it's any shorter (bonus! not that I ever style my hair...). I also got my thick ass hair thinned out a bit (because it was getting unruly and massive and it is summer and it is HOT) and my bangs (that were originally straight across) cut so they blend into my the rest of my hair. Fun stuff!

I intend on not cutting it again for a while. Because as much as I like having smooth, freshly cut hair, I really like having my wild hair too and I'm still trying to grow it to waist length. Just another 12 inches or so, no big deal.

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