Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rainy days

Lately we've had some great storms. It doesn't happen often here, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Listening to the rain, waking up to thunder, getting soggy at work while handing out drinks to cars who insist on pulling up as far away from our drive thru window as possible ... it's all lovely. And the clouds have been extra awesome lately. Plus it has cooled down a little, it was in the 90's last week. NOT ready for that nonsense.

As I took that picture above on our patio there was a huge crack of lightning (hence the lit up sky) that I swear hit somewhere a couple buildings down. It was so loud. I screamed a little and ran inside. What a wuss.

And this is the bad side of rain. The lake that forms in front of our door every time it rains. There is a good 4 inches of standing water at our doorstep. I don't know how it hasn't flooded our apartment yet.

In non rain news, I ran on a treadmill today! In a GYM! The gym is pretty much the last place I normally would ever want to be. Ever. But today I put my big girl shorts on and finally went with Brendon to the gym (his favorite place to be). Mostly I hated everything about it. It's overwhelming and there were way too many people there to laugh at me while I failed at doing whatever you do at a gym. And the machines seriously scare me. I don't know if you know this about me (and if you're around me enough you've experienced this first hand), but I am clumsy. And highly accident prone. And a huge mess of uncoordinatedness. So workout machines are a little frightening for me. But it's been so hot lately (ughhhh spring where did you go?) and raining when it's not hot, and I want to keep up running, so I thought I'd try out this thing they call "the treadmill". And I have to say it wasn't bad at all, once I got over the fear of making an ass of myself in a painful way. There were definitely moments when I was like "omg I am going to face plant it so bad", but I survived without injury. And it is waaaaaay easier than running in real life, outside. It's flat, you're in ac, and the "road" is moving for you. I ran almost 3 miles, no biggie. Next time I go, I'm going to try an incline. Maybe. That might be asking a little too much for my coordination, but we'll see. Baby steps. 

AND it's been a month since I've been working out y'all! Hurray! I'm proud of myself. I've never stuck with anything like this this long, and my body is happy with me. And I reeeeeally enjoy running, which is weird as hell. I look forward to it. I, MARIE BROOKS HOGAN, ENJOY RUNNING. Such weirdness. So to reward myself for a month of activity, as I promised, I get to get new workout threads! Yay for cuter stuff to sweat in! One more month and I get new kicks!

Back to the weather, I will leave you with this ridiculous golden nugget of Brendonism: He asked me if I thought Sophie was scared of the storm and I laughed and said no (she's not scared of anything, except maybe the vacuum and a shortage of food). And he said, "yeah, she eats lightning and shits out thunder." I concur husband, I concur.

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