Friday, May 11, 2012

Headed to the beach!

We have a little family beach trip coming up and I am excited! Not only is it a little vacation, but we haven't been to the beach in YEARS. I'd say probably since 2008? Well, scratch that, we went to Galveston last year in February, but that doesn't really count since it was cold and foggy. Regardless, I'm ready for some sunshine and ocean air! I'm not really a beach person, I actually fear getting into water in general (especially water that contains biological life that may eat me), but we are long over due and I can't wait!

In preparation for this trip we got new swimsuits today! We have had the same old swimsuits forever (since we rarely swim) and I'm pretty sure the last one I bought was from Walmart and was like $8. Classy, I know. So today I ventured out to the mall (dangerous) and got us some new beach wear! Exciting stuff!

Brendon got this little number:

And I got these two:

These are the fanciest swimsuits I've had since probably high school. Coming up in the world y'all. And obviously homegirl looks way more fab in them than I will. I'm a little concerned about my extreme paleness out in the sunlight, but I plan on bathing in spf 100 everyday. Hopefully I will survive and avoid the lobsterness. 

If you are in the market for a swimsuit, both GAP and Old Navy are having hella sales. Get you some. I'm also thinking of investing in a straw hat. Too old lady? Whatev. I'm going all out, it could be the last time we see the ocean for years. I have to make a good show!

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