Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Port Aransas 2012

Have you ever been to Port Aransas? Or as us regulars call it, Port A? I have been at least 1,002 times and there is always this weird seaweed plaguing the shore and floating around in the water, wrapping around your legs and making weenies like me scream. Not terrible, just slightly annoying.

Port A is a cool place. It's not real fancy, it's no South Padre, but it's laid back and I like it. Brendon and I spent three days and two nights there with my sister, my mom, Brendon's mom, his little brother, his brother's dad, his brother's dad's sister, and his brother's dad's sister's son. Confusing? Don't try to sort it out. Regardless, there were a lot of us. It was a lot fun!

Let's recap this sunny adventure y'all!

This is a terrible picture of both of us, but a few things must be discussed here:

First and foremost, we are extended members of the Cullen family, excuse our paleness.

Second, check out our hats. We stopped at Target last minute before heading out to get hats to protect our paleness. I wanted a cute little fedora but Julie and Brendon logically told me that it wouldn't shade my face too much, so I went with a big floppy hat. Wrong choice. The beach is windy y'all. I had to hold onto it the entire time so it wouldn't fly away (which it did a couple times), I gave up on it quickly. Brendon's hat however worked out great for him.

Third, never put on jean shorts right after applying sunscreen. Mine wiped off all my sunscreen so I got a TERRIBLE sunburn in the shape of shorts. Just where the shorts were. Most awkward sunburn ever.

See what I mean about paleness? LOOK AT MY SISTER. All tan and bronzed and crap, and I am albino. Also, creepy how much we walk alike huh?

Serious wind = hat shirt.

Our condo had floor to ceiling wood paneling. In every room. Including the bathrooms. I only had one panic attack.

All weekend I said that Brendon looked like Jason Mraz with his sunglasses and hat. I don't think I even know what Jason Mraz looks like.

 This ones for you Jules.

It always weirds me how alike we are. We're almost exactly the same size. People used to ask if we were twins. Except I was the test run and missed out on the good stuff, tanness and blond hair. And she got my moms face and I got my dads.

Brotherly sand castle adventures! Brendon's little brother got the tanness and light hair too. What's up with that?

You can't go to Port A without taking pictures inside the shark mouth.

And I'll leave you with this golden nugget:

Kind of bummed we got no group shots. I attribute it to everyone aside from my mom and I being constantly inebriated. Kidding! A little.

It was a really fun trip. It was great to hang and "bond" with family and the beach was great. We decided if we're ever loaded we'll buy a little house down there. Dreamin' big.

Monday we were back to the daily grind. Work, work, work. And the good news is that Brendon is working too! No more school for a few months. YAY for two incomes! The bad news is that so far our schedules are pretty conflicting and that means not much husband and wife time. Hopefully it will get settled soon, I miss my man. And although Port A was a fun little escape from reality, we didn't get too much time together. I think this summer we need to take another little vacation, just us two. Any ideas on where to go?

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