Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anniversary Celebration!

Yesterday was a very good day filled with love and cuddles and calling everything "the anniversary (whatever)". For instance, I sat in "the anniversary traffic", took "the anniversary nap", and we found "the anniversary awesome parking spot downtown". Just kidding about that last part, not sure if we actually said that, but we did find LEGIT parking downtown. Like steps from the restaurant, while fools were paying $8 to valet park their Mercedes. RICH PEOPLE.

For real though, yesterday was wonderful and once again Brendon spoiled me rotten with his awesome-husband skills. Even though we agreed NO PRESENTS, Brendon was bad (wonderful) and got me beautiful aquamarine (my birthstone y'all!) earrings and a necklace to match a ring he got me a few years back. I love them! He is too good to me! So for my gift, since Mr. H has been hankering for another tattoo, I agreed to fund it for him whenever we finalize his idea and find a good tattoo artist (know of any in Austin? holla atcha girl!). He wins in the gift giving department obviously. Slacker wife!

After relaxing and chillin' (and napping on my part) all afternoon yesterday we headed downtown to grub! We ate at Eddy V's and it was amazing. It's a fancy sea food and steak place. Pricey, but everything was so good. And I love, love, love seafood. The service was great, the food was phenomenal, and we had fun pretending we were fancy pants people. We got a giant crab cake as an appetizer, then Brendon got the sword fish, and I got ahi tuna. Oh and we had parmesan french fries and truffled macaroni and cheese on the side. It was all delicious. I consider myself a connoisseur of ahi tuna (HA) and that's seriously the best I have ever had, not to mention the biggest ahi tuna steak I've ever seen. And the dessert menu! Oh my goodness. I want to go there and just feast on desserts. They had so many good choices. We settled on the chocolate mousse because it is literally, my favorite food. It was divine. Seriously eat there if you ever get a chance (they are in Dallas and Ft. Worth too, northern friends!). I told Brendon last night he should have never taken me there because now it's my favorite place to eat ever. I am drooling now after typing all that. End food rave.

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE! How sweet is that? Our server was so nice! We even got a card that a bunch of the staff signed. I want to go back. Right now.

After dinner we wandered a block over to 6th street. We wanted to go to this bar called Darwin's that we had seen last time we wandering around there. We are big geeks and fans of Charles Darwin, so of course we wanted to check it out.

Turns out that place has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Darwin and was just a grungy bar like all the others on 6th. We were really let down, we were expecting pictures of finches! Too nerdy for you? Props if you understood that. So we had one beer and watched some extremely drunk older people act a fool. And then peaced out.

Jim Beam dude as decor? Not Darwin-esque at all. Also, my cute husband.

Awkward there-are-wasted-old-ladies-dancing-behind-me face.

After leaving the un-naturalist inspired bar, we wandered around and people watched for a while. I think that is the only value 6th street holds for us. People watching. There are just sooo many weirdos (some of them a tad on the scary side). There was this lady walking around with grocery bags on her feet and around her neck while she was carrying her shoes. Whaaa?

Handsome husband! Oh how I love you! At the "Darwin" bar he untucked his shirt, rolled up his sleeves, and said "it just got casual". Endless love for this ever entertaining man.

And I'd like to take this moment to take a short break from our anniversary recap to introduce you to my latest sewing creation, the purple anniversary dress:

It's made of a super comfy and pretty purple linen. I'd say by far this is the most "well made" dress I've made so far. It's super tailored and I tried it on a gazillion times while making it to make sure it fit perfectly. I can't tell you how many times I restitched the waistline and back stitches to make sure it was perfect and everything was lined up. And there are pockets!

I used the same pattern as my holiday dress, just went with a different skirt and sleeve style. I added the collar just for fun. I made up my own pattern for it and everything! Can you tell I'm proud? Even Brendon said it was the best thing I've made! Yay!

And here's my handsome husband again:

Thanks for letting me take pictures of you, even if you make the fake smile.

When we got home we had some of our wedding cake! We (my dad and Lynne, as we were skipping off merrily (not soberly) into our limo post-wedding) saved the top tier so we could eat it on our one year anniversary because I guess that's what you do?

Mostly it tasted like freezer. It was delicious a year ago, but last night it was pretty gross. We ate enough so we have good luck, or whatever it's supposed to mean, and then chunked it. I think it probably would have tasted better if it was in some sort of air tight container, but it was just in the cake box freezin' all year. Word to the wise if you're getting hitched soon, invest in a big tupperware for your cake!

So that was our evening! We ended it by watching a movie and cuddling. We even stayed up until midnight! Not quite the wild night we had a year ago, but it was perfect. Brendon spoils me so badly! He wonders why I have a princess complex. I am so in love with my husband! One year of goodness down, bring on another!

Side note: after walking all night in heels (and eating 800lbs of food) my run this morning was brutal. My ankles said no, no, no! I guess maybe I should walk in heels more, because apparently my legs are out of practice.


  1. Honestly, I like checking your blog because you guys have awesome pics!

  2. What a great anniversary! Cheers to many many more happy years together! Let me know if our card ever makes it to you. Oh and by the way... I ate a 2 month old muffin from our freezer that was wrapped and it tasted like freezer hardcore... I can only imagine how that cake must have tasted! Haha, at least there was sugary frosting to maybe mask some of the taste.

    Also, yay for you running!
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