Thursday, May 17, 2012

Instaweek & one year down!

Wow y'all, this week has been crazy. Actually this whole month has been crazy! There aren't enough hours in the day lately. We have been busy bees and I am ready for things to slow down. Work has been nuts for me and the end of the semester is always hectic for Brendon. But Tuesday Brendon finished his first year of pharmacy school!!!! One year down, three to go! Exciting stuff. Thus begins the summer of awesomeness. This is his only summer off while in school so we are determined to enjoy it!

Somehow with all the wildness lately I have kept up with my running and working out. Along with running as often as I can, I've been doing pilates and also a little light weight training with Brendon. I have become one of those people, who enjoy exercise. Hell may have frozen over y'all.

And here is my gift to myself for one month of being active:

Girly ass workout gear. Look at that sports bra. I saw it and was like, is this for real? A rainbow puked all over it. It was so ridiculous (and on clearance), I had to buy it. And I am officially an owner of those running shorts. You know the ones I'm talking about, the ones that college girls wear NONSTOP like it's a fashion trend (except mine are cheapos from Old Navy and not Nike, I can't bring myself to drop a whole bunch of money on something I'm going to sweat all over) and do so in large groups so it looks like everyone coordinated (who knows maybe they did... "Hey, are you going to wear a baggy t-shirt and running shorts again today? OMG ME TOO! Make sure to do your hair and make up though.").  The girls of UT, I swear. Okay, okay, END running short rant. Anyways I promise to only wear them while working out... and maybe to post workout food runs. But isn't that stuff cute?! Those little tank top things are awesome, super lightweight and soft. Plus they were like two for $10. WIN.

Next up on the list are shoes. My ankles have been KILLING me lately and I'm not sure if it's because I've been running too much on concrete (probably) or my ancient shoes are finally dying (the soles are starting to fall off). Brendon and I are running the Rebel Race (Central Texans, come run it with us!!! I may or may not die, but it will be fun!) next month, and you go through mud so that will be their last harrah. I have no idea what kind of shoes to get though. Anyone have a particular brand they love? The last time I bought tennis shoes was my junior year of high school (so sad they've lasted this long), sooo... I'm a little clueless.

SEE THAT? Muscles. Little tiny ones, but muscles.

And because I have the next three days off:

I PAINTED MY NAILS! Actually Greg painted them. Jk, he doesn't have thumbs. We can't wear nail polish at work, so this is the first time I've had nail polish on my fingers since.... last summer? I miss painting my nails! Yay for pretty colors on your fingers!

And I leave you with sleeping cats, because I feel like they haven't graced my blog with their presence in a while:

Life is good at the Hogan household. We are happy and the future is bright! Best summer ever? I sure hope so!


  1. I wore Brooks forever up until last year I bought some Saucony's that were the same type of fit and stability... I've had good experiences with both. I know my dad has worn Brooks and Mizuno. I think Roxanne wears Brooks. Ryan wears Brooks. Your maiden name is Brooks.. haha, wait, that was beside the point. New Balance I've heard are good as well. I would definitely get sized for some shoes that tailor to your feet, for example I have a tiny arch so it's important that my shoes fit in a way that I get good support or else my arch and feet hurt terribly. For example, Nike's I swear, are made for people with a huge arch in their foot... and real runners don't wear Nike's, haha ;) We have Run On! up here and in San Antonio and the people there are knowledgable about shoe fit and running in general. There's also Luke's Locker. I think there may be one in Austin. You may be able to find a running group while you're there, if you wanna go that far, haha. But I would definitely go to a store where people are knowledgable about running and shoe fit. Not the high school kids trying to sell some trendy neon "running" shoes at Foot Locker or the Finish Line.

  2. Oh yah, also if you do end up getting advice on shoes at a running store... you can figure out what shoes they recommend and price compare on They have good deals and along with new model shoes they sometimes carry the older models that are just as good and tend to be cheaper.

    I may have told you more than you wanted to hear, haha. Sorry.

    1. This is all awesome! I'll have to do some research, I'm excited about getting new kicks that will hopefully help out my lame joints. I used to always have New Balances, that's what my dad and step mom run in. Thank you for all the info! Super helpful!!

  3. All that kristy said, plus:

    Go to RunTex.

    1. Will do! :) You guys rock!

    2. It's too crazy, just after I responded to your post the owner of RunTex came into work! Apparently he's a big Coffee Bean fan, he's a regular at one of our other stores just down the road. One of my coworkers told me he's pretty chummy with George Bush (Jr). Small world!