Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gone country, kinda.

The other night I went with Brendon to the University of Texas American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (long enough name?) end of year banquet at this cool German/bbq place called Scholz Garten. Apparently it is the oldest business in Texas! Felt like New Braunfels up in there! They had a beautiful solid carved wood bar. It was pretty awesome. We plan on going back!

The banquet was "western" themed, so we dressed up! I love dressing up. Why are there not more theme parties?

Like our half-assed country outfits? Brendon is definitely wearing Sperrys and I did the UT-soriority-girl thing and wore boots with a skirt. Although we both are native Texans and grew up in the woods, neither of us are very "country". But we had fun pretending! Also I am so pale, I am pink.

The banquet was pretty fun. I always feel like the odd lady out at these functions, the only non-genius in the room (jk y'all, we all know I'm a genius), but I still had a good time. It's fun getting to know all the other pharmacy students. Plus the food was great and I got to see Brendon receive awards! I was so proud!

What a cutie! Seriously, I am very proud of this man. He is about to start his final exams and is wrapping up his first year of pharmacy school! This dude is a rockstar. There is nothing he can't do and I can't wait to watch him kick ass and take names forever.

Our lives this week will be filled with studying for finals and working like crazy. Obviously you can guess who will be doing which. But this time next week we will be DONE with the first year and it will be summer vacation. Hallelujah! Just work and play and lots of husband and wife time!

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