Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Enchanted Rock

Half of our reason of going to Fredericksburg was to hike Enchanted Rock. We actually thought about camping there instead of staying at a bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg, but since it is February in Texas we thought we'd be taking too much of a chance of the weather being bad. I'm glad we didn't camp since it was cold and rainy Saturday! We went up to Enchanted Rock Sunday and thankfully the weather was better. Not warm and sunny by any means, but at least there were patches of blue sky and it wasn't raining!

Although we did check the weather before we left, we didn't plan on it being as cold as it was (thanks Texas weather!). So we had  to make an impromptu Walmart run for long johns and a tacky sweatshirt for me (which is actually incredibly comfortable for being $5). We were obviously the most stylish hikers there.

We had never been to Enchanted Rock before, and I really had no idea what to expect. I knew it was a big rock but that was about it. Y'all, it is a BIG ROCK. Actually a couple giant rocks. When we were driving in we came up over a hill and BOOM there it was. It was beautiful.

The hike up was pretty easy, although it is steep at some points (all depending on the route you go of course, I was following Bear Grylls Jr, so we went the hard way I'm sure), but the views... sheesh! I wish the weather had been a little less muggy so the photos would have come out better because you could see for MILES up there!

I apologize in advance for the sheer number of photos I'm about to post. It was really pretty, okay?

One of the perks of being there right after it rained was that there were little streams coming down the rock everywhere! So many little rivers and waterfalls of the clearest water that I'm certain we wouldn't have seen without the recent rain.

Enchanted rock's most fashionable couple award goes to...

It was so pretty. My sister said the same thing, but I'm kind of surprised I'd never been before. My dad used to take us camping all over Texas, and this place is pretty close to home. But I'm glad I hadn't been before because it was so much fun to explore this new place with Brendon! Yet another adventure for the Hogans. We need to go on more! I always forget how much I love hiking and exploring and being outside. I've become such a city slicker (HA)! It is something we should do more often.

And because there's no better time than the present, allow me to introduce the most recent addition to the Hogan family:

My new car. Although this deserves a separate post on its own, one that I'm not quite ready to write yet, the Xterra has unfortunately been forced into retirement. It's a sad thing. But this baby has helped ease the pain a little. She's fancy and new and comes with all sorts of gadgets. We have been calling her the Bat Car or that Bruce Wayne. She's a Nissan Altima, the Xterra's younger, smaller, and more fuel efficient cousin. We love her and it was fun taking her on her first road trip across a little part of Texas. Welcome to the family!

This weekend was perfect and I wish that Brendon and I could spend every weekend going on adventures together. Even small ones. It was a little peek into what life might be like after pharmacy school. Having free time and doing whatever we'd like with it. I am counting down the days.

The rest of our weekend is here and we stayed here.

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