Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quiche on the fly

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you have NOTHING in your kitchen? Like zero food? But it's not at all true because they are cans of beans and cream of mushroom soup hanging out in your pantry. You just don't want creamed beans (how 'bout that phrase? YUM).

That was yesterday. I got home from work and was FAMISHED. Your girl works hard, y'all. I had plans to go grocery shopping with Mr. Hogan that evening (grocery shopping sucks and must be tag teamed) but he had a forgotten pharmacy school dinner to attend, so I was on my own. On my own and hungry without a whole lot of choices. I scoured the kitchen and deduced that there was no combination of food I deemed edible. I hit a low point when I had all the ingredients pulled out for homemade mac and cheese and realized I had no pasta. I almost gave up and ate that can of beans. But I took stock of what I had going on and got serious. I spied a frozen pie crust (don't judge, I swear I can make them from scratch!) and thought, BOOM. QUICHE.

And thus a quiche was born. It's the perfect throw-some-random-stuff-together-and-bake-meal, aka my favorite thing to cook. I had some frozen broccoli, garlic, eggs, and enough cheese to feed a small army laying around my slightly deserted pantry and fridge. So Martha and I teamed up and made this, except I used an obscene amount of garlic instead of onions.

Don't let that cute serving size fool you. I had a second piece.

Not bad for my first quiche. Actually it was really good and I was impressed with myself. Still am. It was fluffy and garlicky and the broccoli was just the right texture. Even my shady pie crust didn't taste the least bit freezer burnt, which is some sort of miracle because that pie crust had been in my freezer for a while.

Moral of the story, impromptu thrown together meal? Success. Quiches have been conquered. Now someone come eat all the leftovers.

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