Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here we go again

Dang how serious/sad/someone-pooed-in-my-cereal do I look in that picture? I was focusing on capturing Greggo's cuteness, I swear I'm not pouting. Okay maybe I was a little...

Beeeecause Mr. H went back to pharmacy school yesterday. BOO. Once again, the craziness begins. The break flew by too quickly. And unfortunately due to conflicting work schedules, we hardly saw each other. The last three days before he went back to school I didn't see him all day until I came home from work late at night. We'd hang out on the couch for a bit and then go to sleep and start it all over again. I cannot wait until that man graduates. This chaos is too much, I miss my husband.

But I am optimistic about this next semester. Since this is round two, we know what to expect. It will be rough, but it will also fly by. And then summer will be here! And then just three more years and he will be done, done, done and we can continue on with our lives! Can you tell I am counting down the days?

But in the mean time, my cats are keeping me company. Greg is basically in my face and Sophie is in my lap. Sweet babies, what would we do without them? And I need to get back into the creative swing of things! I can't remember the last time I made something pretty! I have been seriously slacking in that department. I have a hobby lobby gift card with my name on it and all kinds of pretty dress patterns. I think it's about time to sew something lovely!

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