Thursday, January 19, 2012

Work space

Today I decided to tackle the monstrous mess that was my desk(s). I have two ikea tables that make up my "desk". I got the second one when I was doing a lot of drawing and needed a large space to work at home. Now it's my sewing/craft table. But lately, my desk has been just a catch all for all kinds of crap and for the past month or so I just wasn't using it. Since Brendon wasn't in school we hung out on the couch a lot more than in our "office", so I moved my computer in there. Now that's he's back in school and in study mode I figured I'd move back into the office. I also was ready to get the creative juices flowing and make some pretty things. However, when I walked into the office today (for the first time in a week or so probably) I knew this mess had to be addressed (dang that was a rhyme y'all!):

Please note Sophie being super creepy. (I apologize for the crappy phone pics, Mr. H has our camera with him at school)

There was just stuff everywhere. No where to work. Plus it was actually kind of... dirty. Dusty and crumby and pieces of string everywhere (if you're a sewer you know what I mean with that last part, string gets everywhere). So I cleaned and organized and even vacuumed! It took an hour or so, but this is what I ended up with:

Yay! This is the cleanest my desk has been since we moved in. HA, pathetic. I am messy. There's no getting around it. But, I'm working on it! Hopefully I can keep my work space looking like this, because working on my projects will be so much easier with all this clean and open space!

Today I took my little gift card and headed to the lobby of hobbies to pick up some fabric. I was like a kid in a candy store, it was so hard to choose! I settled on these two fabrics. The plaid is going to be a pretty (hopefully) shirt and the green will be a little dress. Very excited! 

So usually there are two cat beds on my desk so my little feline buddies can hang out with me while I'm working. However they were extra gross so I threw them in the wash. And now Sophie is seriously upset. She sat on the fabric for a while, but it wasn't good enough. She keeps pacing around the desk, like all of a sudden the beds will reappear. Someone is spoiled...

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