Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh Austin!

So the "shit whoever says" videos have been running rampant over the internet after "Shit Girls Say" (1 and 2) debuted, which I find hilarious and am guilty of almost everything. In a matter of weeks a version for everyone has been made by everyone. Some funny, some not. I discovered this one yesterday and had to share:

I don't quite consider myself an Austinite yet, but working at a coffee shop/just being in Austin I encounter SO MUCH of this. I hear all of these things, all the time. Things I am guilty of saying, "It never rains in Austin" and the other day I may or may not have said, "I'm thinking about getting my nose pierced". Also I make "whooping" noises way more often than I think. People have recently pointed that out to me.

One of my fav lines is, "this city needs more bike lanes". Compared to most cities in Texas, I feel like Austin is hooooked up with bike lanes so I find that everyone complains about it a little odd. But, there are an insane amount of cyclists here. Also, "TACOS, TACOS!". I mean all Texans love breakfast tacos, but it is like a THING here. I guess because there are so many people from out of state that had no idea the gloriousness of breakfast tacos before they got here. It truly should be celebrated. Aaaand, the "does this have gluten in it?" while drinking a lone star. Everyone here is on a gluten free diet (or are vegan. or something.). But after being tested for celiacs disease a year or so ago and panicking before I got the results thinking, "OMG WHAT IF I CAN'T EAT GLUTEN?! MY CARBS!", I'm totally all about chowin' down on some gluten (and anything and everything else). Oh yeah and, "It's pronounced guada-loop", because one time I said "guada-loop-eehh" and was corrected. EXCUUUUUSE ME? I grew up swimming in that river! I can call it what I want.

I think the biggest thing that makes Austin different from other cities in Texas is that no one is from here. Most people I've meet here are from other states (aside from students). Fellow Texas are from other cities. People actually FROM Austin are a rarity. I know one person that is actually from here. This may be just with young people that I'm encountering though, so I don't know. But there are a lot of what everyone calls, "transplants" here. Us included. And I think that's a good thing.

Someone at work the other day asked about how I was liking Austin now that I've been here a while, and I could honestly say that I like it here. This is progress because I hated it when we first got here. I don't love it yet, but we're getting there. This city is really weird. I mean, I feel like people go out of their way to be weird and Austiny, but truly deep down, it's a strange place. And I like it. It's a beautiful city full of young vibrant people from all over the place. It's got a good vibe going on. Although I could seriously do without the traffic. And it really doesn't rain here. Aaaand the majority of UT students bug the crap out of me (SORRY Y'ALL!).

So Austin, I guess you can be my home.

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