Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2012 brings you lots of good fortune and happiness! I have no resolutions, as always, but I am excited for the coming year. Hopefully 2012 will be good to us!

Can you tell we spent the day at work? We look a little less than fabulous I'm afraid.

We spent our New Years Eve at home on the couch watching tv (have you seen that Virgin Diaries show on TLC? Dear lord that one couple kissing/eating each others faces... so awkward). It was lovely. We meandered (I dragged Brendon) outside for a bit to watch some fireworks you could see from downtown and then we barricaded ourselves under blankets on the couch. We had some champagne at midnight and then stayed up until 2am!!! I am as shocked as you are. I've been working evenings these past few days so my sleep schedule is all kinds of jacked. Usually as soon as the sun goes down my body starts getting ready for bed, but lately I've been a little bit of a night owl. Making the switch back will be rough I'm sure, but sleeping in sure is nice.

In literary news, I just finished up the Hunger Games series. Pretty good. Definitely had a hard time putting them down. Very entertaining! I'd highly recommend them. Now I need something new to read! Any recommendations?

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