Monday, January 16, 2012

Wedding - Part 2

As before, these photos are property of the amazing Breanna at Powerhouse Studios.

After the ceremony came the par-tay! Food and drinks! The Vineyards is first and foremost a restaurant so the food was delish as always. Unfortunately, between wanting to talk to everyone and how tight my dress was, I didn't get to eat a whole lot. But, I am proud to say that I am almost positive we were able to talk to and thank every one of our guests. This was very important to us since I'd say 80% of our guests came from across the state/country to watch us tie the knot. We have wonderful friends and family.

 Us and our vows.


 We made a pact before hand not to shove cake in each others faces because, A. that's over done, and B. no one wants a sticky cake face at their wedding.

AJ was ready to start the dancing. He had been waiting for months to show off his moves.

Kennedy! My favorite toddler!

The Chasak's are a good looking family.

My dad, sister, Brendon, and Z gave a toast and they all rocked it. I lucked out and just stood there and smiled. Everyone was highly entertaining and had us all laughing. Oh and of course I cried.

Mother/son, father/daughter dance. Yes I cried again. 

MY LADIES! Thank you so much for making the trek from up north. You guys brought the party. We will reunite soon!

 And thus, began the party:

All us hooter chicas sang "You are my Sunshine" as a surprise to my grandpa who had a birthday coming up. He loved it!

To say we danced the night away would be an understatement. We danced to every song and attempted to drag everyone on the dance floor, including the staff. Brendon and I are TERRIBLE dancers, but we love to pretend we're not. We got everyone dancing and it was a blast. People were busting some serious moves. I've got to hand it to our families and friends, they have some skills on the dance floor. Everyone was a hot, sweaty, and possibly drunken mess. It was so fun. Throwing good parties runs in my family and I think were pretty successful. Definitely a night to remember.

Getting our legal ends all tied up. Also, LOOK HOW GROSS WE ARE. So sweaty.

Can we talk for a second about the weather? It was HOT and it was HUMID. The day before it was rainy and gross, the sun didn't come out until the afternoon the day of the wedding but when it did it came out with a vengeance. It was 90 something degrees and muggy as all get out. The weather had been beautiful and mild all week until that weekend (thanks Texas). Needless to say, everyone looked a little less put together leaving than they came in, us included.

As we were leaving we had fireworks to send us off. FIREWORKS! So cool. Perfect ending to the most awesome day I've ever experienced. We were stinky and sweaty (Brendon didn't even have his shirt tucked in) but giddy and excited when we headed off to the Riverwalk in our limo. I'd never been in a limo before so I was pumped. It was big and super spacious. I felt fancy. We talked the whole way to the hotel about how much fun it was and how lucky we were and how we wanted to do it over again and again. And then when we got to the hotel we found another wedding going on! I went to the bathroom in the lobby (in my wedding dress. And this is so weird, but I went through our WHOLE wedding without going to the bathroom once. How does that work?) and ended up comforting the crying sister of the bride. Wedding goodness all around y'all.

Although it was easily the best and most perfect day of my life, there are a couple tiny little things I'd change, and these are superficial and stupid but whatever. I would NOT have gotten my make up done. I don't wear a lot of make up, but I figured since it was a special occasion I'd step it up and get it professionally done. Bad idea. I felt like I had makeup caked on my face and then because it was so hot it felt like it was melting off. It looked pretty, although a bit too much for my taste, and I really liked the fake eyelashes since mine are kinda lam, but I didn't feel so much like me. Plus it was pricy. Also, Brendon got a haircut the morning of which I did not approve of. He looked a little too clean cut. I like the messy haired Brendon I see everyday personally. BUT that's just me being picky. Also, if I could control the weather I would have had it NOT feel like a sauna all day.

Seriously though, best day ever. I want to get married everyday. I freaking love weddings. Someone I know needs to get hitched asap!

So basically that's it! BOOM, our wedding has been blogged. If you missed the first half it's posted here and decor details are here. Thank you for putting up with a plethora of wedding photos. We'll be back to usual programming shortly.


  1. Beautiful! I loved your wedding! And you were a BEAUTIFUL bride!
    It was hard for me to go to two weddings within a month because I love weddings but it made me REALLY, REALLY regret forgoing a real wedding for myself and Ryan. I said I didn't care but inside I knew that I would always regret it.. and I do. Especially when I see our pictures in a tacky Lewisville courthouse. Ick.

    You only get married once (that's the hope, haha) so you should do it how you've always dreamed.

    So even with your heavy makeup (you couldn't tell) and heavy humidity and Brendon's unjew-fro-ified hair your day was PERFECT and you will always have wonderful and beautiful memories and photos of the most special day of yours and Brendon's lives.

    1. Thank you, thank you!! :) Hahaha, unjew-fro-ified, I love it!

      You could definitely do something like a vow renewal (pshhh just have a wedding!) and make it as big, or little, as you'd like. And I would love to help you plan!! ;) Every girl deserves her dream day, you can definitely make it happen.

      PS I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT YOU GUYS COMING NEXT MONTH! I officially put in for my vacation hours the other day! YAY!