Friday, January 6, 2012

Medical mystery tour

First off, I apologize if this post is a little buzzkillington. I debated back and forth about posting it but whatev, you guys can suck it up. Jk, jk, it's not that bad.

I'm sure many of you, who have had to deal with me for any long period of time, are aware of this nonsense. I may have talked about this on here before, but long story short I've been having problems with this mysterious stomach pain. And by problems I mean every. single. day. for years. I cannot remember the last time I went a whole day without pain. About a year ago, with a lot of encouragement from Brendon, I starting seeing a GI specialist. I had lots of lovely tests done, tried lots of medicines with fun side effects, and spent lotsss of money, but we still didn't (and don't) know what was wrong. I am seeing a new doctor here in Austin and just had the most fun of all my tests so far done (sarcasm y'all).

Obviously that's me, I think right after taking out that thing they give you oxygen up the nose with. Post-procedure trippin' on some anesthesia. I wanted Brendon to get a video of me coming out of it, because duh everyone says funny stuff, but he only got this picture because apparently photos/videos are not allowed. The last thing I remember before being fully awake is dreaming about working while on a gurney that one of my fellow employees was pushing me around on. I'm assuming that was when they were wheeling me back to the room. I told everyone I was making lattes?

So that was how I spent my days off this week. Prep was the worst part (aside from the iv, dear god I hate needles), I couldn't eat or drink anything but clear liquids FOR A WHOLE DAY. I was starving and feeling real terrible. And then when I finally was all finished and Brendon took me to Cracker Barrel so I could stuff my face with some "home cooked" goodness (aka mac and cheeeese) I could barely eat anything. Such a let down.

And guess what? They didn't find anything abnormal or even remotely interesting! SO it was basically a waste of time, food I could have eaten, and a whoooole lotta moola. Really, I'm just being bitter. It's good news that everything was normal and I should be happy. But at this point, I could really care less what's wrong with me as long as we figure it out and there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because in the mean time I still have to live with this nonsense everyday.

BUT, I'm being a baby and need to man up. It isn't that bad. I'm a happy camper and for the most part I am able to ignore it. Some days are way better than others, although I have my weak moments, sorry Brendon. Speaking of Mr. H, let's talk about how great he is. About how supportive he has been through all of this for all these years. How many movies he watched with me these past few days (A LOT). How when I lose my cool and can't hang he's solid as a rock. I can't say it enough, I married a winner. Thanks boo.

So sorry for this post. But it's my blog and my life, and unfortunately this is a big part of it. Thank you for dealing with my little rant, we'll be back to the usual broadcast of sunshine and rainbows shortly!


  1. This is probably a dumb question (and something you already considered), but just to be sure...did they consider celiac disease? I hope you feel better!

  2. Yep yep, celiac's was one of the first things I was tested for. And thank you :), hopefully we'll figure it out soon!