Thursday, January 26, 2012

Green polka dotted dress

Hello internet, meet my latest sewing creation! I need to drag these projects out a bit more. It took me three days (and this was all after working) total, one to cut out the patterns and fabric and two to sew. And now I am left with nothing to work on while Brendon's at school on my day off today. Poorly planned on my part.

Princess Leia-esque hair is definitely happening here.

I really like the shape of the skirt, it's flattering and classic. Unfortunately this dress is actually a tad too big for me by one or two sizes. Whoops! So it should be a bit more fitted than it is. I was really sad about that when I tried it on for the first time. The pattern size to body measurements are never the same from one pattern to the next. It's a little frustrating, I even went down a size from my holiday dress which was also too big. Fortunately in that case I was able to easily size it down with a couple of quick alterations, but I can't do that with this green dress without completely taking it apart. Oh well! I'm hoping after a few washes it will shrink up a bit since it is cotton. And I added a little belt to cinch up the waist a bit.

And of course, there are pockets! This dress presented an interesting challenge since the zipper was on the left side along the seam line, which was also the home of the left pocket. The pattern called for a 12" invisible zipper, but I couldn't find one so I got a regular zipper instead. Turns out they are very different! I had to wing it since the instructions were for the invisible zipper. I had to figure out how to somehow attach the zipper without sewing the pocket shut. And I'm happy to say I was very successful! And I think my way is waaay easier than what they had planned.

Also, notice something different? Like maybe the standardization of photos here? We got a tripod a little while back and today I tried it out! It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but I like the results! Minus the crappy background. I despise those blinds. I think maybe I'll try venturing outdoors (obviously somewhere where NO ONE can witness me looking ridiculous) to shoot my next sewing project. Being able to photograph myself sporting my projects and not having to rely on a certain often grumpy (and tall, photos look so awkward when they're taken from above) someone to take my photos will be nice. Sorry Mr. H, looks like you may have been fired. I'm sure he's thrilled.

After I got some decent shots of the dress, I started being silly in front of the camera.

Can you believe that picture of Sophie? She's looking right at the camera. That NEVER happens. It might have had something to do with the blinking red light, but I'd like to think she was being nice and cooperative for once (HA). And isn't she HUGE? I can't believe how big that cat is. She's like a little bear! She looks absolutely ridiculous and I love it.

I'm ready to start my next project (which will hopefully take a little longer) but I don't have anything lined up! I have lots of patterns, I just need to pick one and get after it. Choosing is just so hard! I am no good at making decisions! You should see me try to decide what I want for dinner. It's BAD.

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