Thursday, November 3, 2011

Of course, of course.

(Brendon that title is for you. And Mike. And all you pharmacy kids.)

Greetings from the land of kleenex and sudafed, where looking like a hot mess is impossible to avoid!

Okay people, it happened. It was only a matter of time, I knew it was coming. I got sick. BOO! Brendon was sick with a nasty cold all last week (I think it was last week, my days are all messed up), but I wasn't worried. I was sure my superior immune system (joke) would keep my safe. Of course, not the case. If Brendon gets sick, I get sick. And I usually get it way worse. OR I'm just a huge baby and can't handle it as well. I woke up a couple days ago feelin' not so hot, yesterday I felt real lame, and today I feel straight up terrible. And of course, today is a beautiful blustery wintery-ish day outside and I can't enjoy it properly. That cold windy walk to work this morning at 5 am was intense to say the least. All I could think about was my bed, downing some cold meds, and becoming dead to the world until I felt better. Needless to say I definitely crawled under the covers asap when I got home with a sweet Sophie kitty who is always the best sick nurse. She's in my lap right now as I type. How do animals know? (I'm going to pretend that it isn't cold and she wasn't using me for my heat.)

So forgive my blogging hiatus for a few days while I recuperate. I haven't even taken my Halloween stuff down and switched to Thanksgiving decor. You KNOW I'm feeling bad when anything holiday related is postponed. Wish me a swift recovery y'all, being sick sucks.

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  1. Oh no! Get well! I'm FINALLY completely over my sickness.