Saturday, November 26, 2011


Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all! I hope you had a fantastic day filled with family, thankfulness, and yummy food. We sure did! We got to eat Thanksgiving dinner, twice! First with my momma and Brendon's family, then at my daddio's. It was a pretty wonderful day. And of course we are verrrry thankful for all the greatness we have in our lives! But we are thankful for that everyday!

 My momma was the head chef! Seriously y'all, she's the bomb at cooking and this feast was no exception. Everything I know about cooking, I learned it from her. And google.

Scary much? That electric carving knife means business. Of course, this was posed, there's no way I'd ever use that thing. Someone (me) would lose a finger at least.

 The business. SO LEGIT. I wait all year for this feast. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, rolls with honey butter (that I made! I'll have to share the recipe sometime), tamales, and of course, everything was smothered in gravy.

Brendon and his little brother made cute little post-it note place cards for everyone. Mine said "Best Sweater" and "Santa's Little Helper", I think Brendon's said, "Most Muscles" and "The Cleverest of them All". Might have been a little biased.

Post feast, we had a little mini family photo shoot! Everyone was trying out the "hooters" pose. I'm telling you people, it works. Get those hands on your hips.

Brendon and AJ goofin' around. I think Brendon was trying to live up to his "Most Muscles" place card.

The group shot! This was a feat, no joke, the camera was on a 10 second self timer while sitting on top of the tv. We had to get creative. One day we'll invest in a tripod.

Next up was Thanksgiving numbero dos at my dad's house! Although we were pretty much ready to pop, we ate and ate some more! And then had dessert!

The spread! Everything was delish, my step mom did a fantastic job, the mashed sweet potatoes were my favorite. I think my step brother and I were twiddling our thumbs for some reason. My dad obviously had some boogies.

And not only was it Thanksgiving, but it was my step brother Jason's 22nd birthday! Check out that cake, doesn't it look super perfect? My step mom has wicked icing skills.

Jason and his birthday loot. Look at that cat card! Pretty much my favorite card I've made so far. Classy gentleman cat for life.

Basically I think Thanksgiving might become my favorite holiday. It might be tied with Christmas. It's a tough call. It was so good to see family, eat great food, and just soak in the goodness. I was a happy camper for sure! And that evening, we went and saw Breaking Dawn. All I am going to say is I enjoyed it and can't wait for part 2. And I feel better about being so pale, I'll just pretend I'm a Cullen.

Coming up soon, Christmas arrives at the Hogan residence. PREPARE YOURSELVES. The most magical time of the year is upon us!

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