Monday, November 14, 2011


Sunday was part 2 of our lovely weekend! We stayed with my momma for the weekend in NB for the Renaissance Festival. We were tentatively planning on going to Wurstfest Sunday but didn't know if we'd have the energy after Saturday. After sleeping in, a delish waffle breakfast (have I told you about my mom's cooking?), and then a nap on top of all that, we decided to go. And the fact that it was free after 3 didn't hurt either!

 The Comal river was looking lovely as always! It had been a few years since I had last been, that new building up there wasn't there before. Pretty cool place, great views!

Of course, we had to get some sausage! We had potato pancakes (SO GOOD), bratwurst, sausage, a kolache, and a little bit of sour kraut! 

 And seriously, we can never go anywhere in New Braunfels without running into someone we know. This time it was Brendon's family! They just happened to randomly decide to come that night as well! I ran into Brendon's mom in the bathroom and we had a little "OMG!" moment. It was awesome to see them!

I told you that hat was my favorite thing ever. And I am apparently very excited about my beer.

 AJ got the coolest hat from the balloon man! Hook 'em!

They had this little parade of people who I guess were on the Wurstfest board or something (Brendon called them the village elders), it was really neat! They were led by a trumpet and everything. I was checking out all the ladies' dirndl's. They had some fancy ones! Also, lots of beer. Everywhere.

 Of course I sported my dirndl! I got a couple of compliments, so that made me feel good! Although I didn't wear my apron because it was like 85 degrees out (come on Texas, it's November).

Lots of cups of beer!

We had A LOT of fun! I love polka music! We danced a little bit, although we need to learn how to waltz before next year (Mom, teach us!). The chicken dance is my specialty. AJ is serious when it comes to the chicken dance, when you hold hands and spin in a circle he puts the pedal to the metal and gets that circle going! The night ended with me spilling a practically full beer into my lap. Although I'd like to blame that on the previous beers I had drank, things like that happen to me all the time sober or not.

I forgot how proud of their German heritage New Braunfels is. Although I'm not technically German at all (Brendon is, he even knows some of the German songs!), I feel like growing up in NB makes you a little German regardless! I can't wait until next year! We're going to need to get Brendon some lederhosen for sure.

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