Monday, November 7, 2011

Fancy night on the town

This weekend was busy! Saturday I tailgated at UT for work, then my mom and sister came up to visit and have lunch, and then that night we were lucky enough for my daddio to invite us along to a work event that they were having here in Austin. Not only did we get to go to the party and dinner, we got to stay in the Hilton in downtown! And my sneaky dad switched us rooms so when we arrived we were very surprised to find a suite awaiting us! This room was not playing games. It was huuuuge and it was fancy. It had a living room! And the giant bathroom made a kind of hallway between the ridiculously large bedroom and the living room. I was so excited when we first got in I did a few skipping laps around the apartment. We were pretty much ready to move in. And check out the view:

Pretty legit huh? I know this is a horrendous photo of me (I've got some minor laser eyes going on), but look at the background. And check out the size of that window!

We were super duper excited about the giant bed! Our feet didn't hang off the end! We have a full sized bed now, and as we are both pretty tall (and are often joined by two felines) it can get crowded. Sleeping on a king was a treat.

Brendon checking out the bedroom window view. Austin, you are a very pretty city. I'll give you that.

Pretending we are fancy rockstars!

And of course we got to hang out with these guys!

We had a BLAST! Everyone my dad worked with were so nice to us. After the party we went to this super fancy (like, ridic fancy) steak house and ate like kings. After that somehow we got talked into heading to 6th street by one of my dad's coworkers. And I'm not going to lie, it scared me. A lot. I was really overwhelmed. I can't handle crowds, much less drunken crowds. I prefer something much more low-key. But it was an experience for sure. All and all it was a very fun little escape from reality and we felt very spoiled afterwards. Although unfortunately I am the lightest of all the lightweights and felt real terrible the next morning. And I was still recovering from being sick so that didn't help.

I feel like I've been going a million miles an hour these past few days, I need to slow down before I lose my cool. I don't know how Brendon manages being so busy all the time. He's just a badass I guess. After being so sick last week and this jam packed weekend, I feel crazy! I STILL haven't decorated for thanksgiving here, we're still sporting Halloween decor. BUT, I did get to decorate our store for Christmas on Sunday (just a tad early)! It looks very festive, if you're nearby you should check it out!

This next week is going to be nuts. Somehow I have to make my sister and her boyfriend both outfits for the Renaissance festival this weekend. I just finished up cutting all the fabric and it took me a good two hours or so. We'll see if I can make it happen, with my sanity intact. Sew on y'all!

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