Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bad cats and parking

I mean really? These cats. It's like, "Oh are you doing something here? Let me sit on it." Absolutely ridiculous.

I finished up my sister's ren fest outfit yesterday, just gotta crank out her boyfriend's. Got two days. That's his shirt up there that Greg is using as a bed. Sorry bout the cat hairs bro. Too bad I'm so tired lately! I need energy, too much to do to be a sleepy head. I blame it on this chilly weather (that happens every other day. Texas you are weird!). It makes me just want to curl up under five blankets and never leave.

Also, I just need to give a shout out to my job and it's ridiculous parking situation for making me an excellent parallel parker in the past months. Before this I seriously never had to parallel park and had no idea how to. Parking on the sides of streets? What is this nonsense? At first I would/could only park at the end of rows (those spots are rare y'all) but these days I'm swingin' backwards into tiny spaces between cars I never thought my boat of a suv could fit in. I'm not going to lie, I've got some skills. But I def see why people drive these tiny little cars (or a scooter! I have never desired a scooter so much in my whole life. THE PARKING OPTIONS!). I still have to pass up some spots that are just not big enough for my big ol' xterra. City life is weird!

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