Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Christmas tree!

One of my favorite things in the whole world is putting up the Christmas tree. I look forward to it all year long. And this year, we got a real tree! The cats (Sophie) had previously destroyed two fake trees so I convinced Brendon that this year a real tree was the way to go. Growing up we always had real trees, some of them pretty, giant, majestic trees (Mom, remember that one that fell on me like twice??), so I was waaaay excited to pick out our first real tree. We went out Friday night and found this baby at Home Depot. At first I kinda thought it looked like a short little cactus tree and I wasn't feeling it. I wanted one of the super tall extra expensive fancy trees, but Brendon threw some rationale at me and we compromised. And I'm so glad because I really do love this tree! It's perfect for us!

Mr. H hanging ornaments like a pro, I've taught him well.

I seriously live for this kind of stuff! I was so excited! And the tree smells so good! But unfortunately it made my hands and arms break out into little red bumps. My mom said it was the sap, my skin is such a wuss.

We have a very random assortment of ornaments that we have accumulated over the years. This is Brendon and my SEVENTH Christmas together (but our first as a married couple!!), although we didn't start putting up our own tree until about 5 years ago. We hand made a bunch of ornaments that year (spray painting pine cones and those sticky balls gold is extra cute and easy and they are still looking great!) and we started collecting Hallmark ornaments. We started in 2007, we pick out one every year, usually one featuring cats. We've also picked up other random ornaments while traveling and who knows where else. But on a real tree our collection looks a little sparse and spread out. I think it's time to start making some more. I feel a Christmas project comin' on!

Self timer photos with your camera stacked on random objects are awkward. As I said in my last post, we need a tripod.

Unfortunately, Sophie is just as interested in the real tree as she was with the fakes, hence why there are no ornaments on the bottom branches. But she hasn't tried to climb it yet so we'll cross our fingers. Because she's huge and she'd take that poor tree down quickly. Oh and that creepy Santa tree topper? Totally got that at the dollar store back in 07 along with that felt tree skirt that is way too small. We try to keep it classy. You might not see our little tree in Martha Stewart's magazine, but I love it all the same. It's got character. And it's just as weird as we are.

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