Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pattern prices

I know a few people who read this blog are actually interested in sewing so I wanted to share some tips of the trade! Not that this is a secret, just something I wasn't aware of at first. Maybe everyone knew this but me, and I'm just over stating the obvious. Who knows, hopefully this is helpful!

Here's the deal, don't ever buy patterns (or fabric for that matter) full price. The marked price on most Simplicity patterns (I'm not sure about other brands, but I'm sure the same goes for them) is usually $16.95 which is absolutely insane. Most fabric and craft stores always sell them at 40% off which brings them to about $10, which is still crazy. Online you can get them for about that price, sometimes a little cheaper. BUT, the way to do it is to wait for sales. I know Hancock Fabrics and Hobby Lobby do this, I'm sure Joann's does as well, but every few weeks the patterns will go on sale. And by on sale I mean they are $1-$2 each. The best is when they are 99 cents. NINETY-NINE CENTS Y'ALL. There is usually a limit of how many patterns you can purchase, I think it's like 10, but you can get 10 for the price you'd usually pay for one! Worth waiting for, I promise. Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics, and Joann's post their sales ads online, it's a good way to find deals on other things you might need too (like fabric!). Usually it's different brands of patterns at different times, I'm partial to Simplicity patterns. Today at Hancock Fabrics Simplicity patterns were on sale for $1.99. I got five. After I paid and was waltzing out the door, super pleased with my purchases, I glanced at the sales ad the cashier handed me and saw that this weekend they'll be 99 cents. I was a little irked but still, $1.99 is still legit and these will keep me busy for a while.

My purchases! Obviously I am partial to dresses. I am super stoked about that second one there. RETRO AS HELL Y'ALL! Look at that cute ass bow on that shirt! It also has a cardigan pattern! I LOVE cardigans! But I mean, who doesn't? My main goal was to get a pattern for a holiday dress I want to make with the leftover red plaid I have from Ren Fest. I think I'll be using the second to last for that. The others are just for future use. There are like at least 4 options for each pattern, think of the dresses I could make! And the Walmart by us just started carrying fabric again and it is SUPER cheap, although I'm a little concerned about the quality... I'll have to investigate further. The price of fabric is the limiting factor here, it gets pricey very quickly! Especially for pretty/good quality fabric. But for now I've got a bunch of scraps to put to use and I am excited to get to work on this holiday dress! Sew on!

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