Monday, November 14, 2011

Ye Olde Renaissance Festival

This weekend was a blast! Saturday me, Brendon, my mom, my sister, and her boyfriend Alex went to the Texas Renaissance Festival. Although it was a long drive (it was in Plantersville which is almost to Houston!) it was so fun! And crazy! I was nervous at first about dressing up, but it turns out people go ALL out for these things. Like some of the outfits had to have cost hundreds of dollars. And some of the get ups were extremely revealing. Like one chick was sporting nothing but a thong under a very see through chain mail skirt (????). There was so much to see (aside from scantily clad middle aged people), tons of music, and very entertaining shows! The music was fantastic, there was a bagpipe band that rocked it big time. They were my favorite. We also saw this guy who cracked whips that were on fire! It was nuts! He's apparently the international whip cracking champion. Kudos to him!

This picture of my sister cracks me up! She should have sported those shades all day, they were so period appropriate. We definitely got dressed in that parking lot/forest. People might have stared, whatever.

Check out my mom lookin' like a boss, scheming out our plan of attack. You see that garland hat I'm sporting? Pretty much the best purchase of my life. I got it as soon as I got there and didn't take it off all day. Flowers in the hair for life.

The place was huuuuuge! There were a gazillion shops and eateries, plus man powered rides, shows, music stages, and a "magic garden" (where people were smoking some magic herbs... real inconspicuously. (not.)).

THIS DUDE. I mean come on. TOO legit to quit. He was actually selling some pretty sweet silver jewelery that I regret not purchasing. They had everything there in the shop to size rings for you! They were ready to roll!

Mr.  H and I!

Brendon got to play Robin Hood and shoot a longbow. It was pretty neat! He likes weapons (scaaaary).

My momma and I taking a break. We did A LOT of walking, our feet were worn out! I wish I had taken a picture of the back of my mom's dress, her shawl made a cool loop/cape-ish thing in the back, it was so pretty!

All of us! Sporting my Fall 2011 Scottish Collection. I am very proud of all my handy work! Nothing fell apart and I think we all looked pretty fab. Poor Brendon was the only one not wearing red plaid. I bought his fabric first and I didn't realize everyone else would pick the same color. He was looking extra sweet in that blue though. He prefers standing out anyways. :)

The ladies! My sisters waist is so tiny it's not even fair. And I am so pale I am pretty much glowing in the flash.

Alex and Julie. Little cuties and their matching plaid!

Scottish Hogans! I think we make a pretty cute Scottish couple.

It was a seriously fun day with the family and I can't wait to go again. If you ever get the chance, GO! It's tons of fun. You could just people watch (I'm a huge fan of people watching) for hours. And people there like to par-tay! The beer, wine, and mead was definitely flowing. Dressing up is the bomb and I wish I could do it everyday. There needs to be more excuses to do stuff like this!

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