Monday, November 21, 2011

Wishing for a winter wonderland

It's been hot lately. Like 80-something degrees out. Ridiculous. It's November! I don't care if we live in Texas, I want cold weather! I want to be able to wear a scarf! Or maybe even a jacket. So while dreaming of cooler temps, I've been reminiscing about our crazy snowpocalypse we had this winter in Denton. We always got a good few days of decent snow every year, but this past winter we were graced with extra wintery precipitation. One week in particular was intense. I loved it (I'm a snow fanatic), but I couldn't get my car out of the parking lot for like 5 days. Texans don't function normally with snow around. It really wouldn't have been so bad, but it rained first, then it turned to sleet, then it snowed for a couple days. So underneath all the pretty snow was a lovely layer of very slick ice. No one could get anywhere and if they did they slid around a lot. At work we had to run a shift that week with just three of us. Oh and Brendon slid into a ditch coming to pick me up, thankfully he and his jeep were fine.

This is a little 25 second video Brendon made on what I think was the first day of that lovely week of snow and ice in February. It's short, and crappy, and for some reason really narrow. But there's some pretty snow action. And Brendon is weird.

I am really going to miss the snow this winter. I'm pretty sure snow doesn't happen in Austin. I miss Denton. Sometimes all I want to do is be back there in our old apartment living our previous simple lives. But that's silly! We have wonderful things going on here and I am thankful everyday that we're where we are. Austin has grown on me, although I could seriously do without the traffic. Now if it would only snow...

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