Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 (cute giant mouse cat toy huh? thanks ikea)

Happy Halloween!!! I hope you dressed up as something fantastic. The night is still young if you haven't yet, go for it! And yep, I was Marie Antoinette. Major kudos to my sis-in-law Lisa who guessed my costume correctly! You go girl! This was definitely my most epic Halloween costume ever.

Back view!
This costume was hella fun to make. As Brendon said, it's very me. If I could wear stuff like this on the daily and not be looked at as a huge weirdo (I mean more than I already am), I would. That jacket is basically my favorite thing ever. Princess seams for life (I think after that statement, I've officially become a sewing nerd). It's lined with the same coral fabric so it's just as pretty on the inside! And comfy too! I think the sleeves are my favorite part. I used this Simplicity pattern, but changed it up to fit my Marie Antoinette needs. Working with such slippery fabric was a bit of a challenge at first. It did not want to stay put, so I had to use like 500 pins to keep seams together before I sewed them. But in the end it all came together pretty well I think.

I also got to wear a wig, which was incredibly tight on my head. When I bought it it was a hot mess so I had to do some work. It had these loooong pieces of hair hanging down in the back (mullet style) so I wrapped them around the top, sides, and back and sewed them in place. I also added bows and tea cups (not Easter eggs like everyone thought they were) since I was wearing this to work and duh we serve tea! Marie Antoinette put all kinds of craziness in her hair depending on what was going on at the time.

Holdin' it down at the Bean. Photo cred goes to my sweet boss Diane.

It was fun wearing it to work. I got some weird looks on my way in, but I'm sure everyone was just jealous (riiiiight). A lot of people were clueless to what I was supposed to be, but that's okay. I guess not a lot of people are up on their French history. I thought about putting blood around my neck but that's a tad too gory for my taste. Maybe next time.

I freaking love Halloween and can't wait until next year! We're hoping to get some trick-or-treaters tonight, but since we live in a not so fabulous place I doubt we'll get any. If they're anything like we were when we were young, they'll head to the fanciest neighborhood around. That works for me though because we bought badass candy and I don't really want to share. Cookies and cream mini candy bars? Get all up in my tummy please.