Monday, October 24, 2011

Family weekend recap!

Yesterday I was super lucky to see my whole family all in one day! I got to see my mom, my sister, my dad, my step mom, my momma-in-law, brother-in-law, and even an Uncle! It was really wonderful and reminds me why we are so fortunate to be so close to family here in Austin.

I headed down to NB yesterday morning to see my momma and get her Scottish dress fitted and hemmed. Unfortunately I forgot my camera!! Boo, forgetful me. We had some lunch (her amazing tomato soup and grilled cheese, basically the yummiest thing ever) and my sister and her boyfriend stopped by. I got her dress all fixed up, and it looks fabulous on her! Can't wait for the Renaissance festival! Afterwards I headed over to my dad's house for an early dinner. My Uncle was visiting from Maryland so it was awesome to see him! We had some yummy barbequed chicken. My dad always burns the crap out of the outside of the chickens (intentionally, to seal in the juices) so I'm always pretty wary when I see them at first. But it was deslish! I have left overs in my fridge calling my name...

I headed up to Austin where my mom-in-law and little bro-in-law were waiting at our apartment with Brendon. We went out for some burgers and shakes, watched a bit of the world series (yay Rangers!!!) and then did some serious pumpkin carving. It was a blast! And because we were at home we had a camera on hand for this part of the day.
Cleanin' 'em out! All these photos have shown me that what was left of my summer tan has definitely peaced out on me. Pale is cool these days right?

AJ working diligently on his pumpkin with some help from his brother. AJ is going to be a gangster for Halloween! That kid is too cute.

Deb was the master at cleaning those pumpkins out! There was none of that gunk left when she was done. And obviously I am concentrating extremely hard on my pumpkin. I picked a ridiculously difficult design and ended up simplifying it for my sanity's sake. This is the first time I'd ever not free handed my pumpkin, and the verdict is... designs are hard. They weren't playing when they said it was "four pumpkins" of difficulty.

 AJ and his pumpkin! He said the two ghosts where him and his brother. How adorable is that?? AJ was the bigger ghost and Brendon was the little one, of course.

 Brendon and my finished pumpkins! Of course Mr. H had to do something pharmacy related. He did a great job on his carving! I was pretty proud of my spooky house although I accidentally cut off the top of the middle roof. Oh well, that jaunty angle is cute...ish.

What a cute man I am married to!

All in all it was a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend. And one I needed badly. I am very thankful for all that I have, I am a lucky little lady to have so much goodness in my life!

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