Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scottish dress #1

Here is my little Scottish number... even though I finished this up almost a week ago... bad blogger!

(nerd alert!)
Ta-da! Do I look ready to play some bag pipes or throw a tree trunk? 

This dress was pretty easy to make. I spread it out over three days (tryin' to make these projects last), the blouse one day, the skirt the next, and then the vest. The vest was the most fun. I learned how to put on grommets! You get to use a hammer! So fun. Unfortunately, I set myself up for a couple challenges because apparently I cannot read. I bought too little of the white and plaid fabric. I had to go get more of the white (and I have officially banned myself from Joann's for a while, that place is my kryptonite these days), but I ended up just shortening the skirt to make the plaid I had work. Finding out that I hadn't gotten enough fabric was extremely frustrating and I felt like a fool. But in all fairness, have you ever tried to read the material lists on the back of patterns? Whoever designed those is obviously a fan of chaos and confusion.

 A blurry shot of Greg interrupting our photo shoot. He's always trying to steal the limelight.

I changed the skirt up a bit. Originally it was just hanging straight down, normal skirt style, but it was an awkward length because I had to shorten it, so I decided to add some pick ups in the front to add a little spiciness (yes, spiciness. Scottish spiciness.). I'm also thinking of taking the lace off of the neckline. It's really cute and all, but itchy as all get out.

I'm ready to hit up the highland games y'all! Any ideas on shoes? I know the barefoot look is just SO working for me, but I figure shoes are appropriate to wear outdoors. No one wants parasites, right Brendon?

Name that intersection!

Also, it rained! For a couple days! And not fake misty rain, but real rain. I spent this weekend with my momma down in NB and on Sunday we drove to Houston to see my g-pa, aunt, and cousins for some birthday festivities. It rained the ENTIRE way there! I'm not sure if Austin got as much while I was gone, Brendon said it rained quite a bit, but it sure was nice to see some dark clouds instead of the never ending burning sun of death. We even got some thunder and lightening! I love a good storm!

It was awesome to get out of Austin, if only for a couple days. I had a great time with my mom, as always! Saturday we got her fabric for her dress and ran around in the rain all day. Then we had some yummy hot dogs and watched a movie, Red Riding Hood. The movie was okay, a little silly but entertaining. I was scared that it might be spooky! But it wasn't thank goodness, I don't do scary movies. This weekend was just what I needed. As much as I dislike being away from Brendon, it was refreshing to get some girl time with mi madre. A tiny little escape from reality. And I'm sure he enjoyed the quality study time without interruptions from me asking him to take pictures of my latest endeavor.

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