Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scottish Garb Round 3

Finished up my momma's Scottish gear tonight! This picture does not do it justice, but this weekend my mom and I will be getting together and I will take pictures of the dress on it's respective human. This outfit is far more complex than mine, it was a challenge and a lot of fun to make. I learned how to put on a zipper! I really like how it turned out. My mom is going to look so fabulous! We all are! I can't wait to go tromping around the renaissance festival in our plaidness. Watch out turkey leg eaters!

Unfortunately these last few days I've been a victim of allergies. It's wearing me out, I usually don't get allergies so I'm not used to all this nonsense. I constantly feel like I need to sneeze, not cool. Plus I'm really sure I've been extra cute breathing through my mouth heavily while squinting through red itchy eyes. It's a good look, I know. Get out of here allergens, I don't have time for you!

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