Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weird places my cats sleep

I know all cats are weird, but I feel like Sophie and Greg are especially strange. As the title of this post suggests, we are going to look back on a few odd places the cats have been lounging lately. Forgive the iphone pics, gotta catch this nonsense on the fly.

On my sewing patterns. While I'm trying to cut them out. These things are made of the thinnest easiest to tear paper ever and homegirl likes to get all comfy on them. She also likes to much on them.

Under pharmacy school notes. Both cats have been obsessed lately with being on Brendon's desk while he's studying. So he decided to just use Greg as a stand to better see his notes. Greg didn't seem to mind.

In Brendon's shorts (that were in the living room??? and those are definitely not my 46 pairs of socks on the floor....). I came out of the office one day to find her stretched out in his shorts. I laughed, a lot. I guess she was missing her daddy.

In the closet, in Brendon's underwear drawer. This is Greg's all time favorite place to sleep. If you can't find Greg, he's probably snoozin' with Brendon's unmentionables.

On the coffee table, amidst a bunch of crap, on my jacket. This is where she is sleeping currently. What a weirdo, and yes our cats have bad manners and get on the coffee table. Look at that bee-otch look she's giving me.

With each other. This is weird because Sophie usually cannot stand Greg. Like fairly often she slaps him in the face when he comes near. So when we find them sleeping together it's a big deal. Usually I think she just uses him for warmth, but this was on a pretty hot day so she has no excuse. AND HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!

Even though they have an abundance of cat beds, they chose to sleep elsewhere. Other weird places include: on plastic bags, on any sort of papers, inside reusable shopping bags, on my printer, in cabinets, in the sink, and sometimes if we're lucky, in our laps. Jk, they like to sit on us, we're warm! Winter time is a comin' and that means we have to share the bed with two fat cats who use us for warmth. The things we do for these weirdos..

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  1. Aw Sophie & Greg! Too cute... Cats are odd about the places they like to hang out, but I think they definitely top Rilo & Reesie on the oddness. I remember watching your apartment one time and if I couldn't find Greg I'd go right to the office closet and there he was every time. Rilo enjoys the reusable grocery bags, which freaks me out when I go to pick them up and find one full of cat, haha. He also gives me mini heart attacks when I go to close a drawer and ah! there's Rilo cuddling in the clothes. Now that I think about it, there are tons of weird places... on top of the back part of the toilet... on top of the kitchen cabinets... haha. Reese just sticks to anywhere that no one can see her, like under couches or the bed. Gotta love cats!