Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloweeny movies!

You know I'm gung-ho about holidays, so of course I love movies that get me into holiday spirit! Not that I need any assistance... Here is a little selection of my favorite "spooky" movies I like to watch around Halloween.

Beetlejuice y'all! Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Definitely a classic. Michael Keaton (originally I had put Kevin Costner, but Brendon corrected me. I always get those two confused!) did a fantastic job. And any Tim Burton film is probably a good movie to watch around Halloween. He's a master of not-too-scary-creepiness. This movie is straight up a FUN movie. Highly entertaining.

Hocus Pocus. Halloween classic fo'sho. Plus there's a talking cat so you know I'm in. And Bette Midlers teeth, dear lord! Get this, the night after we watched this movie we went to Amy's Ice Cream and they have this movie quote thing where if you can guess the quote, you get a free topping. The quote was from Hocus Pocus! It was, "I will summon the burning rain of death!", what are the odds? Needless to say, I had free butterfinger crumbles on my ice cream.

The Shining. It literally has nothing to do with Halloween but it is the creepiest movie on this list and the only real scary movie I will ever watch multiple times. I love the way it's filmed and I love the location. I've been to that hotel! Jack Nickelson is a profesh (literally) at being crazy as hell. And Shelly Duval just looks straight up weird and is extra obnoxious, in a good way. And that kid is creeeeeepy.

Sleepy Hollow. Perfect Halloween movie! There is even a flaming jack-o-lantern at one point. Obviously I have a thing for Tim Burton films. And Johnny Depp. But who doesn't? And Christopher Walken as the headless horseman? Hilarious. Christina Ricci's wardrobe in this film is beautiful. Can someone just hire me to make and wear costumes everyday? Please?

Casper, DUH. Not only is this movie about ghosts (who are sweet and not scary), but it's set during Halloween! Double bonus points. This movie, like Hocus Pocus, takes me back to my childhood. And terrible 90's fashion. And Christina Ricci is featured again, although much younger. She's a creepy chick, I dig it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love this movie! Tim Burton strikes again, this time with ridiculously catchy and charming songs! This film is best watched (in my opionion) at the very end of October, as a transition into the next holiday season, Christmas, which basically begins for me November 1st.

Obviously I do not like actual scary movies or horror films. At all. In fact I refuse to watch them because I despise being scared. The Shining is an exception. Brendon asked me last night if I wanted to watch the Ring (which we own??) and I gave him a big ol' hell no. Cute Halloween-y movies are my fav. Other movies that are acceptable to get me into the Halloween spirit are ET (set during Halloween), the Addams family movies (Christina Ricci again), and any Halloween film the Disney Channel or ABC Family airs. JK, they're not ALL good.

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