Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pretty movies

Alright people, let's get girly, movie style. If you are into strictly macho-man things, you might want to skip this post.

There are a few movies that I can watch over and over again and never get sick of. These mentioned here may happen to be "chick flicks", but don't hate. All these movies have great stories, fantastic locations that I'd love to visit, and beautiful costumes I'd love to wear. And they are all set 50+ years ago for some reason. And I have watched them all about 300 times.

Obviously, the Sound of Music:

Duh, it's going to be on this list. You saw that coming. The songs, the costumes, the setting, Julie Andrews... I don't even need to explain why, you know. 

Ever After:

Okay, I know movie is kind of corny, but it has always been one of my favs. And the costumes are phenomenal. Plus it's such a sweet love story, blah, blah, blah. I remember watching this movie again and again on vhs. I only recently got it on dvd and after I watched it I was like, "what was I thinking not owning this??!", the 12 year old me would be furious.

Pride and Prejudice:

Mr. Darcy. Enough said. But seriously, this movie makes me so happy. Brendon got it for me on dvd for our first Valentine's Day together, high school style y'all. I think we were 17(!!!babies!!!). I have seen this movie a gazillion times (I think Brendon has only seen in twice), and it gets me every time. Mr. Darcy is so sweet in such a cocky sexy way. It also doesn't hurt that the costumes are pretty fantastic. I was born in the wrong century obviously.


A movie that revolves around chocolate? AND Johnny Depp? I'm in. I first saw this in one of my high school English classes (I cannot for the life of me think of why we were watching it). It's such a GOOD movie with a good ending and a good lesson, open your minds people. And the setting? Can I move into that town now? I think it was actually shot in the same town in France that Ever After was filmed. Future vacation destination for sure.

Marie Antoinette:

Obviously I feel a connection with homegirl since we share a name. I love the history behind this movie and I love how they handled it. 80's rock and Versailles? Yes. Main characters with straight up American accents? Why not. And it is hands down, the prettiest movie I've ever seen. Everything is just so extravagant and over the top, it's awesome. Every time I see this movie I love it more and become more obsessed with all her dresses. I mean seriously, have you seen them? The colors! The textures! The details! They are all so incredible, and there are SO many of them. I can't imagine the costume budget.

I swear I like manly movies too. I could do a manly movie list but it wouldn't be as pretty to look at.

So anyway, watch all these movies! Your eyes and your inner 15 year old girl will thank you.

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