Monday, June 13, 2011

Sick of being sick

Somehow or another I got some kind of bug and have been ill for the past few days. AGAIN. Wasn't I sick with a stomach bug a few weeks ago? What is this nonsense?? I've got this nasty cough and a fever I can't seem to shake. No fun! The worst of it happened Saturday night. My fever was out of control and I was freezing for half the night then sweating like crazy the other half. I probably got 2 hours of sleep, and of course Brendon was passed out like a baby. All I kept thinking is, I wish my mom was here to take care of me and tell me everything would be okay. Moms make everything better. Last night wasn't nearly as bad, but I'm just ready to feel normal again. Good thing I'm unemployed and can just chill out and rest. Haha.

BUT, I do have interviews this week! I know that doesn't mean I'll get the jobs, but at least there are interviews! People are taking their sweet time getting back to me. I guess it's been less than two weeks, but still. Let me know either way people! I'm just whiny because I'm bored. And broke. And sick. Whomp whomp.

Oh and this is a tad bit eww-y but hilarious all the same. So I'm sharing.
Yesterday morning (the morning after my terrible night of sickness), I was chilling on the couch, playing on my phone, trying to cool off, and one of the cats (not sure who, I was attacked from behind) leaped onto my head and then turned around and leaped off. I was shocked to say the least. I was kinda slumped down so I think they couldn't see me and got a surprise when they tried to tear across the couch (not cool anyway) so they peaced out as soon as they realized they landed on my head. At first I was like BAHAHA did that really happen, but then there was blood on my face. It's a small cut but it's gross and hooked shaped and pretty deep. Ew. Not cute. So if I wasn't the crazy cat lady already, I think this makes me one for sure.

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